Photo of the Week: Seed Pellets

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

This week’s photo shows seed pellets from a batch disc pelletizer (pan granulator) test in the FEECO Innovation Center.

Many pelletization processes first begin by pre-conditioning fine powder with moisture; the material is pre-conditioned in a pin mixer, and then fed onto the disc pelletizer where it is taken up by the rotation of the pan. Centrifugal and gravitational forces cause different sized pellets to classify on the disc. The small seed pellets (pictured) form on the right of the disc, and as they grow in size, they work their way to the left/discharge side of the disc. The addition of moisture and feed material, in combination with the rotating disc, impacts and densifies the loosely formed seeds, helping them grow into smooth, round pellets. Once the pellets reach their desired size, they are discharged from the disc and are move on to drying in a rotary dryer.

The diagram below shows the classification of pellet size that typically occurs on the disc.

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