Photo of the Week: Material Processed in a Pug Mill

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

This week’s photo highlights material processed in a pugmill mixer.

Pugmill mixers, also known as paddle mixers, are industrial mixers used to condition, mix and agglomerate materials often in the presence of a binder.

The pugmill mixer’s dual shafts with pitched paddles create a kneading and folding over motion inside of the horizontal, u-shaped trough. The action of the paddle moves the material from the bottom of the trough up the middle, and then forces the material down the sides. This process results in an intimate mixture of materials.

Pugmill mixers can be used as a stand-alone agglomeration device, or as a pre-cursor to a disc pelletizing or granulation drum set-up. A liquid spray system for dispersing binder may also be added for conditioning and agglomerating applications.

FEECO has custom designed and built pugmill mixers since 1951. In addition to equipment manufacturing, pugmill mixer test work can also be accomplished in the FEECO Innovation Center. To learn more, contact us today!

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