Photo of the Week: High Speed Mixer

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

Today’s photo highlights a high speed mixer.

FEECO’s high speed mixers are ideal for producing MCP and DCP animal feeds. They are mounted on top of pugmill mixers, and provide a thorough reaction of feed components, in addition to a mixture of materials, before processing in a pugmill mixer.

The mixers house an internal shaft with affixed paddles running down the center. As the shaft rotates, the paddles spin at approximately 300-400 RPMS and create a homogeneous blend of the feed components. This process not only mixes the material, but also allows for a thorough reaction of the material.

After processing in the mixer, gravity feeds the product into the pugmill mixer. Here, the reaction completes and granulation occurs. Finally, the granules move on to the rotary drum dryer for drying.

FEECO’s high speed mixers produce quality, premium animal feed products. For more information on the equipment and overall process, contact us today!

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