FEECO Stacking Conveyors

FEECO Stacking Conveyors

FEECO Stacking Conveyor Capabilities

Many material handling system requirements include the need for a device to create storage pile of product. This can be accomplished with something as simple as a fixed stackout conveyor or as complex as a luffing / slewing powered radial stacking conveyor. Some of the factors that determine what type of equipment should be used include storage capacity requirement vs. space available, material characteristics such as dust or flow problems, and reclaim methods, to mention a few.

FEECO’s experience includes the custom design of the following:

  • Fixed stacking conveyors with or with out retractable loading spouts
  • Tower mounted luffing (vertical travel) stackers
  • Tower mounted luffing and slewing (radial travel) stacking conveyors
  • Mast type, fixed height radial stacking conveyors
  • Mast type, luffing and slewing radial stacking conveyors
  • Tire mounted units as well as wheel on track mounted units

The same type of designs and quality components utilized in our Belt Conveyor Systems are also incorporated into the stacking conveyors.

Stacking Conveyors are used to stockpile material, usually aggregates, for later use. The conveyors pivot about their tail terminals, which allow them to form conical piles for extra storage. They can also raise and lower, either manually or by hydraulics.

Radial Stacking Conveyors are trough belt conveyors with the ability to turn from a point on an arc and build storage piles. 

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