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Granular Fertilizer Specialists

FEECO stands for Fertilizer Engineering and Equipment COmpany. We have been the world leader in providing fertilizer granulation systems and equipment for over 55 years. FEECO International has helped solve fertilizer manufacturing problems in more than 700 fertilizer plants throughout the world.

Whether you require a single piece of equipment or a complete turnkey plant, FEECO can help you with your fertilizer needs. We can design, engineer, supply, and install a complete process plant based on your feed materials and product requirements.

We provide fertilizer solutions in the following three categories:

  • Inorganic – Classical approach to manufacturing fertilizers using inorganic raw materials such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonia, potash. phosphate rock, etc.
  • Organic – Utilizes bio-waste to create a granular fertilizer product. Other inorganic raw materials can be added to increase the plant food value as well.
  • Waste-to-Fertilizer – Many industrial processes create raw materials with plant food value that can be converted to a granular fertilizer.
  • Hammer Mill – Is a machine whose purpose is to shred material into fine particles. They have many sorts of applications in many industries.

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