Rotary Dryer Services

Preventive maintenance, spare parts, and field services for rotary dryers of any brand Continue Reading →

Rotary Dryer Services and Repair

Rotary Dryer Services

Preventive maintenance, spare parts, and field services for rotary dryers of any brand Continue Reading →

Our Goal as a Service Provider

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the industry’s best custom rotary dryers, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers is ready to assist you with all of your rotary dryer maintenance and repair needs, from spare parts and small repairs, to major rebuilds. We serve a variety of industries, including chemical, metals, mining & minerals, pulp and paper, and more. 

Our goal is to get your operation up and running as quickly as possible and minimize future downtime and maintenance costs while promoting process efficiency. We take a holistic approach to dryer repair and don’t just treat the symptoms; our Customer Service Team works to identify and address the root of the problem to prevent future issues.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, contact the FEECO Customer Service Team today:

  • Unplanned downtime
  • Wear on equipment or components
  • Unexplained process inefficiencies
  • Unexplained product inconsistencies
  • Inability to reach rated capacity
  • Requirement for spare parts
  • Frequent replacement of components
  • Auditory abnormalities or vibrations

Rotary Dryer Services: Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best approach to maximizing the service life of any rotary dryer while minimizing downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs. In addition to start-up and commissioning support, we offer the following services:

  • Process & Equipment Audits
  • Routine & Annual Inspections
  • Operator & Personnel Training
  • Dynamic (in-operation) Inspections
  • Burner & Controls Inspections

Dryer Tests

During inspections and audits, we can measure and analyze a variety of factors indicative of dryer health. This includes: 

  • Drum Shell Thickness Testing
  • Shell Run-Out (Profile) Analysis
  • Axial Alignment
  • Cold Gap Measurement
  • Roller Thrust and Dryer Float
  • Girth Gear and Tire Axial & Radial Run-Outs
  • Gear & Pinion Root Gap
  • Gear & Pinion Backlash
  • Tire & Trunnion Wheel Diameters, Hardness, and Wear
  • Tire Creep (Floating Tires Only)
  • Trunnion Wheel Shaft Deflection
  • Overall Mechanical Condition of the Unit
  • Tire Thickness and Keeper Block (Filler Pad) Clearance
  • Basic Vibration Monitoring

Rotary Dryer Repair Field Services

With decades of experience in repairing rotary drums, the FEECO Customer Service Team is equipped to assess and repair whatever issue your plant may be experiencing. Common repairs include:

  • Dryer Alignment (cold & hot)*
  • Coupling & Shaft Alignments*
  • Tire (Riding Ring) & Trunnion Grinding/Resurfacing
  • Cold & Hot Training (for proper drum float)
  • Flight/Lifter Replacement
  • Seal Replacement
  • Gear & Pinion Replacement
  • Tire, Trunnion, and Thrust Roller Replacement
  • Rebuilds & Retrofits
  • Burner Tuning & Replacement
  • Tire Shimming Assistance
  • Tire Mounting Assistance
  • Tire Weld Repair
  • Drum Shell & Section Replacement
  • Coupling alignments
  • Gear reversals
  • Drive component replacement
  • Trunnion wheel re-shafts and rebuilds
  • Misalignment correction*

*Note: We utilize a state-of-the-art laser alignment system to conduct all of our alignments. Manual alignment services are also available, if desired.

Rotary Dryer Parts

We can help you build an inventory of wear-critical parts to keep on hand, as well as provide and install upgrades, both standard and custom. We can also offer fabrication support for specialty requirements.

Maintenance Programs

Not sure where to start? Let our Customer Service Team assist you in assessing and planning your need for dryer maintenance with our extensive services that cover everything from installation support to end-of-life replacement. 

Why Consider FEECO for Rotary Dryer Repair? 

Our highly skilled Customer Service Team is both OSHA and MSHA certified, so you can rest assured that repairs are not only conducted right the first time, but conducted safely. Moreover, our extensive expertise in rotary equipment means we can also inspect and service other on-site rotary drum equipment. 

Upon completion of any major repairs or inspections, you will receive a thorough report detailing the equipment’s mechanical condition and any changes that were made. This provides valuable benchmark data for maintenance planning and future troubleshooting. 

You can also expect the same commitment to quality and professionalism as with any of our other services. We’ll work with you to get the job done on your schedule.