Photo of the Week: Micro-pelletized Paint Pigment Sample

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Jenny Seim
Technical Writer

This week’s photo highlights a micro-pelletized paint pigment sample from FEECO’s Innovation Center.

Micro-pelletizing is the practice of agglomerating material fines into small pellets. Unlike traditional pelletizing, this process produces a smaller end-product- typically pellets between 20 to 60 mesh. It is most commonly used to process fine materials, allowing for easier handling and transportation, as well as enhanced end-product use.

Micro-pelletizing can be done in a pin mixer, or in a pin mixer / disc pelletizer combination. When only small pellets, or conditioning is necessary, a pin mixer alone can provide ample results. However, our process experts in the FEECO Innovation Center are able to determine the best equipment set-up and overall process that suits your material and end-product goals.

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