FEECO A Valued Asset to the Mining Industry

While many consider mining to be the act of extracting materials from the earth, there is much more to mining than meets the eye. The mining industry covers everything from the initial excavation, to separating the material from the ore in which it lies, and even the processing of material for use.

The mining industry is diverse, dealing with a wide variety of materials, including everything from potash, all the way to gold ore. Many of the products we use everyday are made possible because of mining. Precious metals reside in our cell phones, our fertilizers are made from minerals, and even the drywall that surrounds us is made from minerals.

Because the mining industry is so diverse, few companies can offer solutions to the mining industry at both the operational mine level, as well as the processing level. FEECO International, however, can do just that.

FEECO’s unique offering is that their capabilities in the mining industry extend far beyond one aspect of the process, to span across the entire industry, and across countless materials. With over 60 years of experience in waste transformation, and strong roots in the fertilizer industry, FEECO has established themselves as a leader in handling and processing bulk materials, particularly in the mining industry. Below are a few key examples of how FEECO makes contributions to the wide-ranging facets of the mining industry.

Extraction & Transportation

FEECO offers material handling systems for the extraction, transportation, and the processing operations. Whether it’s one conveyor to transport material from truck to plant, or a complete material handling system to transport material through a process, FEECO is highly experienced in moving everything from limestone and gypsum, to abrasive materials like sand, and even tough to handle sludges.


FEECO has played a major role the past several years, in assisting the mining industry in heap leaching operations, which work to recover precious metals from their ores. FEECO provides agglomeration drums for the heap leaching process, which take crushed ore fines, and agglomerate them into more uniformly shaped and sized particles. This allows for a more efficient percolation of the heap.


FEECO has long been involved in the processing of mined materials such as Sulfur, Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphate for acceptance into the fertilizer industry. Engineering processes to take raw material and turn it into a granular product meeting desired qualifications has been FEECO’s focus for over 60 years.

With the ability to offer such a wide variety of solutions to the mining industry, about 35% of FEECO’s business comes from the mining industry.

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