Photo of the Week: Sticking in a Granulation Drum

This article was co-authored by:

Shane Le Capitaine
Thermal Processing Expert

Carrie Carlson
Technical Writer

This week’s photo illustrates the build-up, or sticking of material in a granulation drum.

Granulation drums, used in the fertilizer industry, can be prone to build-up on the interior of the drum for a couple of different reasons. Often times, the material or binder can have a tacky quality to it, causing it to stick to the interior of the drum, as seen here. Other times, over-spray of liquid binder or water can reach the walls of the drum, creating a surface for material to stick to.

Preventing build-up in a granulator can be done by installing a rubber liner that uses gravity to flex off material as it rotates. Other options include knocking systems that can also be employed to “knock” material off of the drum.

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Shane Le Capitaine is a Process Sales Engineer and thermal processing and fertilizer production expert.

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