Rotary Dryers for Sand Processing


FEECO has become the premier name in frac sand dryers. Our rotary dryers can process in excess of 300 TPH in a single unit. They are also tolerant of variations in feedstock particle size distribution and moisture content, offering a reliable, high-capacity drying solution.


Advantages of a FEECO Dryer

Our unique dryer design offers a number of benefits that make FEECO dryers the preferred choice for processing frac sand:


  • – Lower carbon monoxide (CO) and NOx emissions
  • – Avoidance of critical breakdown temperature to maintain product integrity
  • – Reduced carryover and dust
  • – Increased efficiency through uniform drying
  • – Decreased drying costs as a result of a more complete combustion of the fuel
  • – Improved abrasion resistance due to the use of higher grade materials of construction
  • – Enhanced efficiency through custom flight (lifter) designs and patterns
  • – Highly-skilled Aftermarket Engineering Team for all of your troubleshooting and maintenance needs.

In addition to our frac sand dryers, we can also supply heavy-duty bucket elevators designed around the unique demands of handling frac sand.

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