Desalination Sludge Results in Useful Material

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Carrie Carlson
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Two innovative companies are working together, as Feeco International works with a company in Australia to solve a Soda Ash material problem. This company has developed processes that reuse the once unusable sludge resulting from desalination.

Desalination is the process by which salt is removed from salt water, transforming the undrinkable water into fresh water. This technology is growing in importance as fresh water sources decrease, and the need for water is constantly on the rise.

In the desalination process, once then salt is removed from the water, and an unusable resulting sludge is most often pumped back into the ocean. This innovative Australian company, however, has developed processes that transform this waste sludge into valuable materials. One of the key materials produced is Soda Ash, or Sodium Bicarbonate, a material used in both the glass manufacturing industry, and mining industries. However, the sludge process this company utilizes yields the Soda Ash in a fine texture, making it quite difficult to handle.

Feeco is working with this company to look at granulating the Soda Ash, making it more easy to handle and transport. Feeco’s granulation solutions and equipment have solved hundreds of material problems over the years, and as the need for solutions to waste material problems increases, this is just another way Feeco International is working with others to help turn waste into usable, value-added products.

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