Biocoal Production Equipment

Engineered thermal processing for the production of biocoal Continue Reading →


Biocoal Production Equipment

Engineered thermal processing for the production of biocoal Continue Reading →


Sometimes also called syn coal, biocoal is a synthetic form of coal that is garnering attention world-wide as nations look for cleaner energy options. This man-made coal product rivals natural coal, because it does not contain sulfur, nitrogen oxides, or mercury. Furthermore, it offers a reduced ash content. All of this results in a cleaner burn and ultimately, fewer greenhouse gases.


Rotary Kilns

Biocoal is produced through the torrefaction of biomass in a process known as pyrolysis. FEECO offers custom rotary kilns for the production of biocoal from biomass.


FEECO offers a variety of bulk material handling equipment for biocoal. From bucket elevators and steep incline conveyors for vertical transport, to troughed belt conveyors and reversing shuttle conveyors, FEECO offers a wide variety of custom bulk material handling equipment.

FEECO handling equipment can also be equipped with a variety of equipment to increase the flexibility of the system, including belt trippers and plows, as well as belt feeders.


The FEECO Innovation Center is a unique testing facility where we can test your material to determine the feasibility of your intended process, as well as define process variables and gather valuable data points necessary for scale-up.

The FEECO Innovation Center is well-equipped to suit a wide range of testing needs, from agglomeration to high temperature thermal processing, as well as continuous process loops integrating multiple testing methods.

We offer comprehensive testing services in four categories:

Feasibility/Proof of Concept: An initial, non-witnessed batch testing phase in which the possibility of creating a product is explored.

Proof of Product: A more in-depth batch testing phase in which more time is spent determining whether a product can be made to desired specifications.

Proof of Process: A continuous testing phase that aims to establish the equipment setup and parameters required for continuous production of your specific material.

Process/Product Optimization: An in-depth study to optimize your specific material’s characteristics and/or production parameters in an industrial setting.

Learn more about the Innovation Center >>


FEECO provides a comprehensive offering of parts and service to keep your equipment running its best for years to come. This includes a variety of field servicesprocess and equipment auditsspare parts, and more.



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