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At FEECO the possibilities are endless…


FEECO has been helping customers transform their waste materials and process by-products into value-added products for over 65 years.


Whether you have a material you’re currently landfilling, or a process by-product that goes to waste because it’s not usable in its current form, FEECO can take your material, and through testing in our Innovation Center, turn it into a value-added product.


After a workable process and set-up is identified, the Innovation Center has the equipment available to simulate production conditions, scale the process up to a full-scale production plant and produce end product anywhere from pounds to tons per hour.


Some transformations include turning sludges into organic-based fertilizers, clays and saw dust into cat litter, fuel pellets from petroleum coke dust, and recovering valuable metal from spent batteries.


“What the world today calls waste — to FEECO International, they are really just raw materials for products that haven’t been invented yet.” – Dan Madigan (President)

When FEECO converts a customer’s waste into a usable, profitable product, we are also helping that customer prevent wastes from ending up in landfills, creating a win-win situation for both the customer and the environment. Take a look at our waste counter below and see exactly how much waste, in tons, FEECO has helped divert from landfills over the years. You’ll also note the economic impact and jobs created from these innovative processes as well.


Partial Materials Converted to Higher End Use Products
Beginning Material Final End Product
Sulphur stack emissions Granulated fertilizers
DDG Animal feed
Ash (Wood, Fly) Fertilizer pellets
Bentonite Clay Cat Litter granules
Calcium Chloride Ice Melt pellets
Calcium Carbonate Fertilizer pellets
Carbon Black Dust De-dusted pellets
Cement Kiln Dust Calcium fertilizer pellets
Cell Phone Batteries Lithium, Zinc metal recovery
Clay Cat Litter, Oil dry granules, Encapsulate seeds
Coal Dust De-dusted coal pellets
Composts(Yard Waste) Fertilizer pellets
Copper Dust Metal recovery pellets
Corn Cobs Cat Litter, Oil dry pellets
Corn Flours Animal Feed
Dredge Sludges Non-leaching granules
Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) Dusts Metal Recovery
Egg Yokes Powder Powder Egg Pellets
Ethanol Plant Waste(DDG) Animal Feed
Flyash Concrete Block
Foundry Dust Metal Recovery
Gold Iron Ore Dust Precious Metal Recovery
Grain Dust Non-explosive pellets
Gypsum Wallboard Waste Fertilizer, cat litter pellets
Humate Fertilizer pellets
Iron Oxide Metal Recovery pellets
Lime(Waste Water Treatment) Calcium Fertilizer pellets
Limestone Calcium Fertilizer pellets
Manure – Cattle Fertilizer pellets
Manure – Chicken Fertilizer pellets
Manure- Hog Fertilizer pellets
MAP Fertilizers Fertilizer pellets
Municipal Wastes Fertilizer, fuel pellets
Nitrogen Fertilizers Fertilizer pellets
NPK Fertilizers Fertilizer pellets
Paper Sludge Fertilizer, cat litter
Petroleum Coke Dust Fuel pellets
Phosphates Fertilizers Fertilizer pellets
Potash Fertilizers Fertilizer pellets
Saw Dust Cat Litter, fuel pellets
Soy Flour Animal Feed
Steel Dusts and Sludges Metal recovery pellets
Sugar Sugar pellets
Sulphur Dust Non-explosive pellets
Tar Sands Waste Sludge Substitute Fuel pellets
Titanium Metal Shavings Metal Recovery
Urea Fertilizers Coated to prevent moisture absorption

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