FEECO has extensive experience in processing many forms of copper, from copper ore to copper concentrates, copper sulfate, and copper hydroxide. Most notably, we’ve developed an international reputation for our heavy-duty agglomeration drums and pug mills.

Copper Ore Drums

Many of the world’s top mining companies have come to rely on FEECO for our agglomeration drums; FEECO ore drums are installed in some of the world’s largest and most environmentally advanced copper mines.


Agglomeration drums are used in the copper heap leaching process to provide a more efficient leach. In addition to the agglomeration drum, we can also provide all necessary material handling equipment to support the process.

Pug Mills for Copper Concentrate

Pug mills are a key piece of equipment in the copper smelting process, serving to mix and condition several components (copper concentrate, flux, reverts, matte recycle, and dust recycle), for reintroduction into the smelter.

Download our FREE Agglomeration Handbook

Download the FREE Agglomeration Handbook

Copper Handling Equipment

Copper Material Testing

The FEECO Innovation Center is a unique testing facility where we can test your material to determine the feasibility of your intended process, as well as define process variables and gather valuable data points necessary for scale-up.


The FEECO Innovation Center is well-equipped to suit a wide range of testing needs, from agglomeration and drying to high temperature thermal processing, as well as continuous process loops integrating multiple testing methods.

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