Incineration is a thermal treatment of wastes by combustion and serves as a valuable tool in waste management efforts, helping to mitigate environmental risks associated with disposal, while also reducing waste volume and in many cases recovering energy.

Materials Commonly Treated via Incineration

From solids to liquids, incineration can be used to treat a variety of different waste types. It is frequently used to process:


  • Medical waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Chemical waste
  • Fumes & VOCs
  • Pharmaceutical waste


The Incineration Process

A rotary kiln is used to break down or decompose material into simple compounds via combustion. Multiple waste streams can be processed at the same time, including solids, sludge, and liquids.

Custom Incineration Kilns

Rotary kilns used to carry out the incineration process are typically designed to operate in an excess air environment which facilitates complete oxidation of the waste material. Depending on the material being processed, the rotary kiln may be of the direct-fired or indirect-fired configuration. The majority of incineration systems are provided in a direct-fired configuration and can be designed to handle a broad range of solids, sludges and liquid waste materials simultaneously. The rotary kiln design provides by far the most flexibility for successfully process a wide variety of waste material. FEECO rotary kilns are custom engineered around the parameters of the specific application for optimal processing. FEECO can also provide the entire incineration system, including waste feed and storage equipment, as well as air pollution control and waste heat recovery systems.


In addition to custom equipment design and manufacturing, our services include:

Process Training

Our extensive experience in processing hundreds of materials and derivatives leaves us unmatched in industry knowledge. Our Process Engineers travel the world to train our customers on their unique production line.


Aftermarket Support

The FEECO Customer Service Team provides comprehensive services to keep your equipment and process running reliably and efficiently. This includes:


  • Process optimization
  • Audits and inspections
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance procedures


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