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Bearings are a critical component of the rotary drum base, ultimately allowing the unit to rotate. In the event of a bearing failure, production is down until the bearing can be replaced. As such, replacing worn or old bearings is a key step in preventing unnecessary downtime and lost production.


Bearings that have not been properly lubricated and maintained are prone to premature failure and should be preemptively replaced to avoid an unplanned shutdown. Bearing seal failures can promote foreign material ingress and may also cause failure. Bearing repair is typically not an option and replacement is almost always required.


Available Bearings

FEECO provides a wide offering of bearings made of hardened steel with cast steel housing.

Indications that a Bearing May Require Replacement

A worn or failed bearing can present itself in a number of ways. This might include excessive heat or vibration around the bearing, loud noises, or in the case of failure, a stopped shaft.


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