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FEECO’s Standard Process Flow is designed to take your company successfully through the design phase, feasibility stage and then to the equipment specification and final plant design.

Step 1: Process Development
Once you have contacted FEECO we will have you fill out our Material Data Sheet and one of our experienced Process Sales Engineers will discuss with you your project needs and goals. This first step may include:

  • Preliminary block flow process diagram
  • Preliminary unit operation selection
  • Preliminary material balance

At the end of this step we are able to put together a report with a budget proposal and detailing your solution.

Step 2: Feasibility Studies
The FEECO International testing and tolling facility is a state of the art facility consisting of a pilot plant, tolling production plant, and analytical laboratory. Our test lab can perform a benefit analysis based on test results and the customers’ product requirements. FEECO lab personnel, working with design engineers, can then recommend the best process and equipment combination for production. Once a workable process and set-up is identified, the FEECO test lab has the equipment available to simulate production conditions, scale the process up to a full-scale production plant and produce end product anywhere from pounds to tons-per-hour. This step may include:

  • Lab Testing
  • Updating preliminary block flow diagram
  • Further development of heat and material balances
  • Final issue of process flow diagram

Step 3: Conceptual Engineering
This step may include:

  • Selection of all major equipment
  • First draft of Process Functional Description
  • AutoCad / Inventor Drawings to help you visualize your equipment design and layout
  • Updated draft of complete plant heat and material balances
  • Preliminary risk prevention and mitigation plan

Step 4: Plant Design & Construction