FEECO to Attend Fertilizer Latino Americano (FLA) 2019

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Carrie Carlson
Technical Writer

FEECO will be exhibiting at Latin America’s premier event for the fertilizer industry, Fertilizer Latino Americano, or FLA. This year’s event, running January 28-30th, will be held in Mexico City, Mexico and is expected to bring in more than 700 delegates from 50 different countries.  Not surprisingly, this year’s conference has several sessions dedicated to micronutrients and specialty fertilizers.

Specialty fertilizers and soil amendments have become the industry trend as scientists discover more about crop nutrition and its effects on yield, in an effort to feed the growing population and mitigate environmental issues associated with nutrient runoff.

FEECO’s extensive history in fertilizer production of both traditional and custom products has served as a solid base for the industry’s changing needs. This has been seen first hand in the FEECO Innovation Center, where Process Engineers work with clients to develop a process for their intended product through batch- and pilot-scale testing.

“We have always been working with customers to develop specialty fertilizer products in our testing facility,” says Nick Reckinger, FEECO BioResource Sales Engineer, “but the past few years, we’ve really seen increasing interest. Producers are looking to create site-, region-, and even crop-specific products to optimize nutrition and soil health.”

FEECO Process Sales Engineer and fertilizer expert, Shane Le Capitaine, will give a presentation on rotary drums in the fertilizer industry. Rotary drums have been a cornerstone in fertilizer production since the 1950s and continue to maintain this position. They are used to carry out a variety of steps in the production process, from granulation to drying, cooling, and coating. The increasing need for more specialty products has further emphasized the need for these flexible machines.

FEECO will also open sign-ups at the show for those interested in being among the first to receive a digital copy of our soon-to-be-released Specialty Fertilizer & Soil Amendment Handbook. This extensive resource tells the story of the evolving fertilizer industry and covers a range of topics.

For more information on our fertilizer production and testing capabilities, contact us today, or visit us at FLA booth #6!

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