FEECO International Joins Alliance to Help Solve the World’s Ethanol By-Product Waste Issues

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FEECO International has joined the Global Alliance to help address the World’s agricultural, ethanol and paper waste issues

Green Bay, WI (March 10, 2007) – FEECO International who is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing equipment, systems and process development for over 50 years has joined the Global Alliance to help the alliance develop, evaluate and adapt technologies for the handling of the effluents that are generated in the processing cane, ethanol and paper. Representatives from several countries signed a Global Alliance to pledge short and long term goals to address these topics.

In addition to FEECO, eight other organizations are part of the Global Alliance including:

ENCAP, LLC (USA) – Is an organization that develops products for landscaping projects, fields, maintenance of turf, erosion control, forest restoration, and ground preparation.

SoilNet (USA) – Is a dedicated company that develops products based on polymers for controlling erosion, water treatment and dust diminution resulting from construction, agriculture, mining and military traffic.

CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) – Non-profit global organization that conducts socially and environmentally progressive research aimed at reducing hunger and poverty, and preserving natural resources in developing countries.

CLAYUCA (Latin America) – Non-profit organization focused on improving the standard of living and the sustainable management of the natural resources in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. ENCAP and FEECO are the US representatives within this organization.

Propal (Latin America) – One of Latin America’s largest paper mills.

Mayazguez, Providencia, Rio Paila Sugar (Colombia) – Three of the largest sugar mills in Colombia, some of which have ethanol plants.

The initial processing plant will be built by FEECO International and will be located at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia. This initial plant will serve as a prototype for much larger operations that will be built world wide.

“The Alliance is the first step to solving many bio-refining ethanol, agricultural and paper waste issues around the World,” said Dr. Aicardo Roa, president of SoilNet. “By successfully transforming waste materials into meaningful, valuable, and effective erosion control and fertilizer products for use in agriculture and construction, the need for government support of these industries will likely be reduced,” said Mike Krysiak, president of ENCAP, LLC.


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