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FEECO International, Inc. a Wisconsin based business is featured in the US Industry Today Magazine. The article entitled “Fertile Business” is based on how FEECO has added innovative value to a re-vitalized ethanol industry

Green Bay, WI (September 24, 2007)- FEECO International, Inc. is featured in the US Industry Today Magazines current issue. The article entitled “Fertile Business” is based on how FEECO International provides a range of customized engineering, equipment, manufacturing and construction services for the power / utility, paper, fertilizer, chemical processing, mining, and other related industries around the world. David Soyka reports on synergies developed from over a half century of engineering problem solving that add innovative value to a re-vitalized ethanol industry.

One way in which FEECO brings value to the industry is in its development of a versatile, more energy efficient system to process distillers’ dried grains with solubles (DDGS) from the ethanol process. With more than 40 years’ experience designing and fabricating counter-flow rotary drum coolers and rotary dryers FEECO has introduced the counter-flow rotary cooler for DDGS to the ethanol industry, having demonstrated expertise and understanding of the subtle difference between rotary drum counter-flow coolers and co-flow dryers. FEECO combines this expertise with a reputation for robust construction to provide an efficient, effective counter-flow cooler. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

FEECO is convinced that the ethanol business model can be financially improved and has the ability and expertise to prove it to anyone who wants to work with them. Everyone out there is building ethanol plants with their main revenue stream coming from the sale of ethanol. The by-products of the plant either show up in the expense line or have minimal impact on their income statement. FEECO looks to see if it can generate new and innovative products that really add to the bottom line.

FEECO is certain that the energy balance in the ethanol industry has room for dramatic improvements and currently is working diligently on a new dryer conception. In addition to the rotary cooling and drying industry, two other drying technologies may also streamline the byproducts into more efficient conversion to solids. This testing is currently taking place in a lab environment with commitments for commercialization set for 2008. If FEECO is proven right on the first of these technologies, it will significantly alter the energy balance. If it is right on the second technology, it will have industry shattering results.


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