FEECO International Develops Counter-flow Cooler for the Ethanol Industry

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FEECO International has developed a new Rotary Cooler for Ethanol Plants

Green Bay, WI (March 2, 2007) – FEECO, a world leading manufacturer of rotary coolers has developed a counter-flow cooler for use on Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in the ethanol industry. FEECO’s technical capability and experience with rotary counter-flow coolers assures ‘best of class’ equipment and performance for your ethanol plant.

Why counter-flow?

Counter-flow cooling provides inherent advantages that absolutely cannot be achieved with alternate approaches. Counter-flow cooling is recognized as more efficient and effective than cross-flow or co-flow cooling, including fluid bed and negative lift systems.

Principle of Operation

Counter-flow cooling uses air moving in the opposite direction to the DDGS flow. The DDGS discharging from the dryer is exposed to the warmest air available within the cooler, minimizing the temperature shock. As the DDGS travels the length of the cooler it is continuously in contact with the cooler air. Utilizing special design techniques, DDGS discharge temperatures within 10°F of the ambient air temperature can be achieved, without mechanical cooling. The gradual heat transfer enhances the product quality and provides cooler, more stable DDGS.

Counter-flow cooling benefits:

  • Improved product quality
  • Lower DDGS discharge temperature
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less cooling air required
  • Reduced storage problems (mold, mildew, etc)
  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • Reduced dryer energy requirements

So why doesn’t everyone use Counter-flow Cooling for DDGS?

The thermal analysis of counter-flow cooling is the easy part. The complicated part is the physical design of a counter-flow cooler for powders and small particulates. Designing an efficient and effective counter-flow cooler for DDGS is more difficult than designing an inefficient co-flow or cross-flow cooler.

FEECO has over 40 years experience designing and fabricating counter-flow rotary drum coolers. FEECO has a demonstrated expertise and understanding of the subtle difference between rotary drum counter-flow coolers and co-flow dryers. FEECO combines this expertise with a reputation for robust construction to provide an efficient, effective counter-flow cooler.

FEECO International, Inc has been supplying companies globally for 55 years with equipment such as Rotary Dryers, Rotary Coolers (including counter-flow coolers for DDGS in the Ethanol industry) Pin Mixers, Disc Pelletizers, Material Handling Equipment, Process Systems, Rotary Calciners, Rotary Coolers / Dryers, Rotary Kilns and more.


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