Material Testing

The FEECO International testing and tolling facility is a state of the art facility consisting of a pilot plant, tolling production plant, and analytical laboratory. (View our Lab Brochure)

The pilot plant can be set up for testing on a single piece of equipment, or multiple pieces of equipment as a continuous process loop. With over 60 years of testing experience, we’ve built a vast database on a variety of materials and test procedures. We can use our experience to help you make informed decisions on process design, and process optimization.

FEECO offers Bulk Material Handling Lab Testing

We welcome the opportunity to conduct a free “look-see” test on your material. There is no charge for this quick test to verify that your material will agglomerate. We require only one five-gallon pail of material in the state that you would want to process it and a current MSDS. We would also seek your input as to material characteristics such as size, strength and density you would require in a final product. We can select the most appropriate technology and conduct the testing for you. If you have specific ideas regarding the process development, we would value your input.

We have a broad knowledge of binder materials, characteristics and application rates. We also have a wide selection of binders on hand for establishing the most cost effective concentrations to use for your material.


Our state of the art agglomeration capabilities can provide solutions to your fine material needs. We can convert dusts, bulk powders, and sludges into free-flowing pellets for dust-free handling, or to improve product characteristics. We can also test a complete, continuous process with agglomeration, drying, particle sizing, and product recycle capabilities to create a highly efficient process. Our agglomeration lab facility is equipped to do roll compaction and non-pressure agglomeration (tumble growth). We can custom make disc pelletizers, rotary drum agglomerators, pin mixers, paddle mixers / pug mills, roll compactors, and briquetters to suit your agglomeration needs.


We can develop efficient designs as stand-alone thermal processing units, or complete systems, based around your material. We can meet your high temperature applications with our rotary dryers, rotary kilns, indirect rotary kilns, rotary calciners, and rotary coolers. FEECO’s lab has tested a variety of thermal processes such as calcining mined materials, disposal of restaurant cooking waste, and separation of precious metals from undesirable products. Our lab also has the ability to monitor Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, and combustibles discharged from various thermal processes. We also have the ability to test flight design and pattern using our flight simulator.

Contact FEECO for your free bulk material handling lab test

Lab Equipment

Available Testing Equipment in the FEECO Lab
Disc Pelletizer 24″
Disc Pelletizer 36″
Disc Pelletizer 4′ 6″
Rotary Granulator 36″ x 9′
Paddle Mixer 14″ x 6′
Batch Pin Mixer 8″
Batch Pin Mixer 15″
Continuous Feed Pin Mixer 10″
SC Roll Compactor / Briquetting
Hammer Mill
Rod Mill
Prater Mill
Rotex Screen – 2 deck
Circular Screen 18″ & 36″
Pipe Reactor
Littleford Day Mixer
Coating Drum 2′ x 6′
Rotary Batch Kiln 18″ x 24″
Continuous Rotary Kiln 20″ x 20′
Indirect Kiln / Dryer
Rotary Dryer
with recycle loop 3′ x 20′
Fluid Bed Dryer, Calciner, Cooler
Rotary Dryer 20″ x 8′
Diameter Lifter Test Unit 46″

Muffle Furnace
Batch Walk-In Oven
Fluid Bed Sample Dryer
Steam Generator with Tanks
Spargers and heat source for
hot melt granulation

Belt Conveyor
Bucket Elevator
Steep Incline Conveyor

FEECO Virtual Lab


Here is a short list of Material Transformations that started in the FEECO Lab.

Beginning Material Final End Product
Thermal Roll
Sulphur Stack Emissions Granulated Fertilizers x x x
Calcium Sulfate Fertilizer Pellets x
Ash (Wood, Fly) Fertilizer Pellets x x
Bentonite Clay Cat Litter Granules x x x
Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets x x
Calcium Carbonate Fertilizer Pellets x x
Carbon Black Dust De-dusted Pellets x x
Cement Kiln Dust Calcium Fertilizer Pellets x x
Cell Phone Batteries Lithium, Zinc Metal Recovery x
Clay Cat Litter, Oil Dry Granules, Encapsulate Seeds x x x
Coal Dust De-dusted Coal Pellets x x x
Composts (Yard Waste) Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Copper Dust Metal Recovery Pellets x x x
Corn Cobs Cat Litter, Oil Dry Pellets x x x
Clay Proppants x
Dredge Sludges Non-leaching Granules x x x
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Dusts Metal Recovery x x x
Ethanol Plant Waste (DDG) Animal Feed x x x
Foundry Dust Metal Recovery x x x
Gold Ore Dust Precious Metal Recovery x x x
Grain Dust Non-explosive Pellets x x x
Gypsum Wallboard Waste Fertilizer, Cat Litter Pellets x x x
Humate Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Iron Oxide Metal Recovery Pellets x x x
Lime (Waste Water Treatment Sludge) Calcium Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Limestone Calcium Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Talc Ore Sterilized Baby Powder x
Manure – Cattle/Chicken/Hog Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Soda Bottles Recycled Plastic x
MAP Fertilizers Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Municipal Wastes Fertilizer, Fuel Pellets x x x
Nitrogen Fertilizers Fertilizer Pellets x x x
NPK Blends Fertilizer Pellets x x x x
Paper Sludge Fertilizer, Cat Litter x x x
Petroleum Coke Dust Fuel Pellets x x x x
Phosphates Powder Fertilizer Pellets x x x
Potassium Chloride Fertilizer Pellets x x x x
Saw Dust Cat Litter, Fuel Pellets x x x x
Soy Flour Animal Feed x x x
Steel Dusts and Sludges Metal Recovery Pellets x x x x
Sugar Sugar Pellets x x x
Sulphur Dust Non-explosive Pellets x x x
Tar Sands Waste Sludge Substitute Fuel Pellets x x x
Titanium Metal Shavings Metal Recovery x x x
Iron Ore Metal Recovery Pellets x x
Glass Batch Glass Blend x x x
Ceramic / Aluminum Refractory x x
Paper Sludge Bright White Clay x
Gypsum Fertilizer Pellets x x
Zinc Oxide Metal Recovery Pellets x x x
Nickel Ore Metal Recovery Pellets x x
Kaolin Clay Coating Paper x x
Tungsten Oxide Metal Recovery Pellets x x x
Raw Coal Purified Coal x
Bone Meal Fertilizer x x
Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer x
Diatomaceous Earth Filter Agent x x
Titanium Dioxide Pigment Pellets x x x
Urea Fertilizers Coated to prevent moisture absorption x x x


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