Wood Chips to Power Generation

Customer: Laidig, Industrial System
Plant Location: McBain, MI; Lincoln, MI; Tamworth, NH
Industry: Electric Power Generation
Major Equipment: (2) 24″ x 106′ Steep Incline Corrugated Wall Conveyors

(2) 24″ x 102′ Belt Conveyors

36″ x 148′ Radial Stacker

*36″ x 97′ Belt Conveyor

*36″ x 85′ Belt Conveyor

*36″ x 243′ Belt Conveyor

*36″ x 217′ Belt Conveyor

*36″ x 30′ Belt Conveyor

Material Handled: Wood Chips
Engineer: FEECO International, Inc
Process: Separate Wood Chip Handling Systems were designed for each of the above plant locations. The wood chips were stored in wood yard by using a 148′ radial stacking conveyor which has a discharge radius of 270 degrees and can create a pile 60′ high. When reclaimed, the wood chips are sent to the plant up two parallel 106′ steep incline conveyors to boilers for power generation.
Download: Wood Chips to Power Generation
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